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Who we are

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Victory Football is the grassroots football development program of the global company, Victory International Football Services, that seeks to serve the world of football with quality and excellence.

Victory Football seeks to develop grassroots and top elite players and teams around the world that play and represent the sport with honor, dignity, and respect both on and off the field. Its staff work at all levels within the sport from the beginner to professional as they dare to believe that people’s lives and communities can be positively transformed through sport.  They strive to see their players become champions in sport as well as in life through its various football programs.

Tools for Victory

100%Hard Work

About Victory Football

Victorious players in life and sport.
Developing quality grassroots and elite football players of character, honor, and respect.
Every player, coach, and staff member with Victory Football values: Excellence – Being the absolute best one can be, both on and off the field Character – The inner strength and integrity required to be a champion in life Team work – a team player who respects others and can interact well in a community Opportunity For All – Making all of the organizations’ programs available for everyone
Football Children will learn the fundamentals of the game from quality coaches who will assist them to reach their fullest potential as players. Fun The focus of the program is on allowing “kids to be kids” in a really fun environment with lots of games, exciting activities, and competitions. All children regardless of skill and athletic ability are welcome and encouraged to participate in order to grow in their love of the game and sport. Foundation Children will be taught very important life skills and character development traits throughout the various schools’ programs offered. Victory believes that this is an essential part of every child’s healthy development for both their schooling experience and for life.
Quality Football Training For Primary School Children – Victory Football offers parents through their school the opportunity to participate in a top class introductory football program as an after-school club by quality licensed coaches and assistants at a very reasonable price and during a convenient time. Competition – The program provides the children from numerous schools to play in a fun Saturday football league for children. A Safe & Positive Learning Environment – Victory Football is also able to partner with parents and schools to provide for their children a safe, fun, and positive learning environment in which their children can engage in physical activity, grow socially, & be introduced to both recreational and competitive football. English Language Development (For Non-English Speakers) – All of the coaching is in English and will provide those who are learning English as a second language the opportunity grow in their understanding and ability to communicate with those around them within the sporting environment.
Physical Fitness – Better physical fitness through regular sporting activities translates into better health and school performance for children. Social Growth – The program offers children the opportunity to build friends with school peers in a non-academic & fun sporting environment Personal Internal Growth & Character Development – Children are able to develop self-confidence, personal strength as individuals through participation in Victory’s after-school football program. English Language Development – For non-native English speakers, the opportunity to develop in one’s English language skills as the training sessions are held in English.
Yes, scholarships are available for children from lower income families to a limited extent on a case by case level. Victory Football deeply values making their programs available for all children regardless of background and makes every effort possible to provide financial assistance to those who otherwise would not be able to participate in an after-school sports program. Please contact Aaron Soby for more information and to receive an application form (Please see below for contact info).
Being the absolute best one can be, both on and off the field
The inner strength and integrity required to be a champion in life
A team player who respects others and can interact well in a community
Making all of the organizations’ programs available for everyone

team member

Aaron Soby (USA)Founder, CEO, & Coach

20+ years of coaching at the competitive club level in the Czech Republic and the USA
Apollon FC Youth Academy Coach, 2013-2014
Holds a USSF “B” license as well as a NSCAA “Premier” License from the United States.

team member

Fabrizio Troisi (Italy)Coach

Fabrizio has coached since 2001 for the following Italian football clubs: (1) Club “Tor de cenci” for a total of 8 years: His teams played in the 'Rome District Football School League' for 5 years and 3 years in the 'professional team youth league' in Italy & (2) Pomezia (4 years) that played in the 'professional team youth league' in Italy.
He holds an Italian UEFA B license.

team member

Keir McDowall (Scotland)Manager

He holds a FA Level 1 Badge from the UK
He has long experience in working with & coaching primary age children in the school environment in Cyprus.

team member

Luciano Bebê (Brazil)Coach and Manager

Brazilian footballer, who plays for Nea Salamina from as a mid elder. When he moved to the Cypriot First Division with AEL Limassol, he made an instant impact. Bebe who scored the Title winning goal in a match against Anorthosis Famagusta FC to give the Lions a title for the first time in over 20 years.

team member

Jonathan Gould (USA) Coach

Jonathan comes from the United States and holds a USSF “E” license.
He has over 10 years experience in teaching and working with primary and secondary age children.