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Who is Victory Football?

Victory Football is the grassroots football development program of the global company, Victory International Football Services, that seeks to serve the world of football with quality and excellence.

Victory Football is a Cypriot-based company that works in partnership with the USA non-profit organization, Cleveland Soccer Foundation, and presently operates in Cyprus under the legal name, Faltod LTD. 

Victory Football seeks to develop grassroots and top elite players and teams around the world that play and represent the sport with honor, dignity, and respect both on and off the field. Our staff work at all levels within the sport from the beginner to professional as we dare to believe that people’s lives and communities can be positively transformed through sport.  We strive to see our players become champions in sport as well as in life through our various football programs.

VisionTeam Huddle

Victorious players in life and sport.


 Developing quality grassroots and elite football players of character, honor, and respect.


Excellence | Being the absolute best one can be, both on and off the field

We strive to bring all players to their highest sporting level. All of them shall become the best players they can be. Therefore, we offer quality football training for all ages.
Fun plays the essential role in our programs, as we want to see our players develop in a healthy, authentic, and encouraging environment.

Character | The inner strength and integrity required to be a champion in lifeVictory Values

We strive to not only bring up champions in but also off the field. Character is the inner strength to deal with both, victories and defeats. Our life-skill curriculum educates our players to integrate important lessons for their future in sports and in their lives.

Honor | Respect, Responsibilities and team work

We strive to see our players work together as an exemplary team. Commitment, respect, and  encouragement are the basis for a good team.
In all our programs, team work will be enforced, as it is the key to success in football and in today’s community.

Opportunity for all | Making all of the organizations’ programs available for everyone

We strive to make our programs available to all children, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or economical factors.
Victory Football offers one of the few girls’ programs in Cyprus.
We are happy to see so many players from different backgrounds and cultures in our team and believe that sport plays an important role in the understanding of cultures, especially for children and youngsters.
Victory Football offers scholarships for players that are normally not given the opportunity to participate in organized sports.