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About Us, Victory Football Financial Info & Policies

Victory Football Financial Information

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The general membership fee of “JR. VICTORY” is €300 for the school year (September – June), €15 annual registration fee (paid once per year regardless of when a child signs-up), and a required uniform fee of €18 (1 training & 1 game shirt). All parents are responsible to pay all of the above fees for their child(ren) to participate in the program. If payments are not made on time, late fees will be assessed and children will not be able to participate until payments are made.


The Costs Behind The Fees:

These fees cover coach’s pay, field rental, equipment, awards, etc. Victory Football highly values keeping the cost as low and as economical as possible for children and their families who are seeking a high quality introductory football program.

Registration & Payment Schedule & Policies:

Detailed Fee Information

  • As mentioned above, the general membership fee per child (including siblings) for the school year is €300. This can be paid at one time, in three payments (€100 in September, December, March), or monthly (€30 per month). Please notify Victory staff which option you prefer.
  • General membership fees (paid either one-time, quarterly, or monthly), annual registration (€15), and equipment fee (€10 training t-shirt & €8 for game shirt) are due at time of registration.
  • All payments should be made in cash at the beginning of each month or by standing order through your bank. We apologize that we cannot accept credit cards payments yet, and we will inform you when this option is available. To pay by standing order, you may use the following bank account details for Victory Football (Note: Our name for legal and bank purposes is “Faltod Ltd”):

Account #: 055602000574
IBAN: CY72002005560200057400


Payment Schedule and Late Payments

  • Invoices will be issued to each family two weeks in advance of the month that will be due the first Saturday of Victory Football each month (for those paying fees monthly).
  • A €5 late fee will be assessed for every week after the first Saturday of each month that payment is late.

Pro-Rating for Mid-Month Sign-Up and Withdrawal

  • If a player signs up part of the way through a month, then he/she is pro-rated €8 per week for the remaining amount of weeks in the month. For example, if a player signs half-way through the month with two full remaining weeks, then the fee is €16 for that month.
  • If a player withdraws for any reason, including injury, part of the way through the month, then the fee is to pay €8 per week that he/she participated in Victory Football before withdrawing in writing by email to Aaron Soby –

Discount Information

  • There is a one month free discount for any family who introduces a new full-paying player to Victory Football. Please help us get the word out about Victory Football.
  • There is NO DISCOUNT in the following circumstances…….
  1. If training and games are cut short on a given month due to holidays, weather, sickness, illness, etc.:
  2. Multiple siblings from one family:   If a family is in need of a scholarship due to having more than one sibling in the program, then the parents may apply for a scholarship on the basis that there is still assistance available.
  3. For coming only one day per week: Jr. Victory is a two-day a week program, and it is up to parents how often their child attends.
  4. Absence, sickness, or injury.
  5. For other miscellaneous circumstances for which Victory Football does not have control.

Victory Football costs remain the same regardless of these above circumstances, and, therefore, is not in a position to provide discounts at the expense of the business’ ability to remain financially healthy.  

Withdrawal From Program

  • If a child stops coming to Victory Football but does not communicate with Victory staff about his/her withdrawal from the program, membership fees and late fees will continue to be assessed until communication is made in writing. These must be paid before the child can re-enter the program at a later date.
  • If a parent decides to withdraw his/her daughter from the program for whatever reason, then he/she must put into writing (email preferred) that they are withdrawing from the program.
  • In the event of withdrawing due to injury or sickness and there is an expressed desire to return later to the program, then the child may rejoin the program without any additional fees and according to the mid-month pro-rating registration policy explained above.



  • One of our top values in Victory Football is that our program is available for all children regardless of background or economic situation. However, for the overall football program to function in a healthy financial way and to provide on-going football opportunities for all of the children, Victory Football is only able to provide funds that are raised separately from the normal operating budget. Therefore, the “YOUNG CHAMPIONS” SCHOLARSHIP FUND has been established.
  • Scholarships from the “YOUNG CHAMPIONS” SCHOLARSHIP FUND are awarded on a needs-basis for families that truly cannot afford monthly fees but still want to participate in the program. Please speak to a Victory Football representative to obtain a scholarship application.
  • All children receiving a scholarship are expected to minimally pay their €15 registration fee, uniform fee (€18), and the agreed upon amount of membership fee payment after the scholarship has been awarded.
  • Victory Football is always looking for new companies and individuals or who are looking to donate to our “YOUNG CHAMPIONS” SCHOLARSHIP FUND. If you or your company would like to donate to help us provide a scholarship for under-priveleged children, please speak to the Aaron Soby, the Victory Football Director…. + 357 96 343 762//


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Victory Football…

Aaron Soby


Mobile: +35 96 343762

All Parents are asked to sign this form for their children to participate in a Victory Football Program.  Please click here to download form and turn it in at the Victory Football table.  

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