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Victory FC
Player Transportation Information


Victory FC will provide transportation to and from football training for players whose families need transportation assistance and live within the Limassol city limits.


Please take note of the following details:

  • A personal car driven by a Victory FC employee or a hired bus will pick-up and drop-off your child at an agreed upon location within Limassol at the below prices per month (Cost per month is calculated on an average amount of €5.00 per trip).
  • If a player needs to be picked up and/or dropped off outside of city limits, then there will be an add-on fee of €1 per trip.
  • An estimated time of pick-up will be established between the parent(s) and Victory Football, and it is your responsibility as the parent(s), not that of Victory Football, to make sure he/she is on-time at the agreed upon location. If he/she is not ready to go, then our driver may not be able to transport him/her that day and will leave to stay on schedule for picking up other players. Please make sure your child is prepared and at the established pick-up location on-time. There is NO refund for transportation not used when the child is not ready and had to be left behind.
  • The cost of the bus service is NOT included in the football session fee but is an add-on service to those families who would like assistance with their children’s transportation to and from training.
  • The transportation costs options are as follows:
    • One-way 1 day per week: €20 per month
    • One-way 2 days per week: €40 per month
    • One-way 3 days per week: €50 per month
    • Two way 1 day per week: €40 per month
    • Two way 2 days per week: €80 per month
    • Two way 3 days per week: €100 per month
  • Your transportation fee will be added to your monthly football bill. You will not be reimbursed for days that your child does not use Victory provided transportation. This is a monthly fee regardless of how much your child does or does not use the service. Parents are free to cancel at any time and be credited for any unused transportation payment on a weekly pro-rated basis.
  • There will be an additional €1 added trip for pick-up and drop-off’s outside of Limassol city limits. Please speak with a Victory representative for more details.

To view a PDF of the above information and form for signing-up for transportation for your child, please click here, download/print-out, fill-out, and return to Victory Football…

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