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Name Change- What?

Dear Victory Football Family,

Many of you have been hearing of some changes that will be happening with Victory Football.  We are excited to announce that Victory Football is joining with and taking on the new name of Ambassadors Football Club starting in the 2019-2020 season.  

Why Change?   

It is our desire to go to the next level of producing well trained football athletes.  Ambassadors Football provides us with the support and resources needed to carry out the vision of training each child to their full potential, on and off the field.

Ambassadors is a 29 year old organization that started in Bolton, England and holds its main headquarters in the United States of America.  Ambassadors FC is a strong global club that is now in 25+ countries serving over 15,000 athletes worldwide.  The vision of Ambassadors Football is “Transformation to individuals and communities through indigenous football outreach”.  Go to to learn more about Ambassadors global impact.

Our focus at Victory has always been to develop champion football players on and off the field. We have held tight to the values of cultivating the individual child in excellence, character, and honor while giving the opportunity to each and every child to be trained in football regardless of gender, ethnicity, or economic factors.  We chose to come under Ambassadors because they share these same likeminded values and will bring us into a club and family with the support of and the chance to network with other clubs around the world.  

Our new tag line is Football, Faith, and Future


We seek to provide professional coaching in a positive environment while helping each child to develop football skills to their best ability.


We desire to communicate the love of God with every child through word and actions. 


We want to help develop each player to be able to live out their future potential as a whole person by strengthening them in football skills, character, and honor for life. 

What will this change look like?   

What will these Changes Look Like?


Same Coaches:  Your child’s experience with Ambassadors Football will virtually be the same as they have experienced in the past with Victory.  The same coaches will continue with Ambassadors with the goal of adding more in the future.  We will still have high quality training and Saturday league matches just as we have had in the past.  

Same Values:We will continue to provide the same values of cultivating a positive environment while emphasizing strong values of excellence, character, and honor.

New Name: Joining the Ambassadors Football Club will open us up to have global support and opportunities to connect with other Ambassadors Clubs around the world.  We will partner with the other clubs for camps, events, and tournaments which will provide opportunities for our Cyprus Club to travel to other parts of the world and for us to host other nations as well.   

To check out pricing click here, or to register your child for the 2019-20 Season click here