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Little Victory


General Information: This is Victory’s programme for the “little ones” ages 4&5 to help them get a great start into football.  We spend a lot of time helping the children to feel comfortable in the programme, playing with the ball, and following instructions.  Because this is often the children’s first exposure to a structured sports programme, there is a great amount of focus placed on fun and learning through age-appropriate games.


  • Training days:
  • September, 2018 – June, 2019
  • Little Victory does NOT meet during national or common school holidays. There are NO DISCOUNTS for days that Little Victory does not meet due to holidays or inclement weather. Please see Victory Financial Policy Info Page for more information. 
  • Please see the 2018-2019 Victory Football Calendar for details.


Payment Method Per Training Period: Program fee must be paid in full at the beginning of each Session Training Period.

  1. Session Training Period- One (4 months – September–December) 120 *Must be paid full before the child will be enrolled
  2. Session Training Period- Two (3 months – January – March) 100 *Must be paid in full before the child will be enrolled
  3. Session Training Period- Three (3 months – April – June) 100 *Must be paid in full before the child will be enrolled

Registration: €15

Uniform: €20

  1. 1 Nike shirt
  2. 1 Nike shorts


  • All 4 year old children will be required to have a parent with them at the training session in order to participate in the football program unless the child can show he/she is able to function in the program in a positive way without his/her parent. We have found that most children at this age need the support and involvement of their parents to participate in a positive way. Therefore, this policy has been put in place to ensure that the child can get as much out of the program as possible.
  • All 5 year old children may have a parent participate in the program or they may participate on their own if they are ready and able to do so.
  • Parents who are at the training session will be integrated into the program in such a way that they will be doing the activities with their children. 

Any Questions?
Contact: Luciano Bebe
Mobile: 96 898582