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Victory Football – Competitive Fees & Flexible Pricing For All Budgets

Victory Football highly values keeping its fees as low and economical as possible for children and their families who are seeking a high quality recreational and elite football program. We offer programs and attendance options for every family’s budget as well as a scholarship program (See “Young Champions Scholarship Fund” below) so that any child from a financially limited background can attend and reach his/her full potential in football. 

Registration Fee

There is a €20 one-time annual registration fee for each child.

Membership Fees

The annual cost of Victory FC’s programs for the school year, Sept. 2017 – June 2018, can be paid:

  • A one-time payment in Sept. (Get as gift 1 of our Camps free of charge)
  • Monthly (for 10 month, September to June)

At the following rates:

  • Little Victory, 4 – 5 yrs. (1 day per week): €300 per year
  • Junior Victory, 6 -12 yrs. (Recreational Programme)Options:
  • 1 day per week €300 per child for the school year
  • 2 days per week €380 per child for the school year
  • 3 days per week €450 per child for the school year
  • Victory Academy, 6-12 yrs. (Competitive Programme)
  • 3 days per week Training, plus Saturday league games: €500

We offer for the second sibling 10% and for the third sibling 20% discount from our membership fees.

The above membership fees are per year, not monthly. This means that parents are expected to pay the entire amount for the year if their child is enrolled in Victory Football. If a child begins attending from 25th of September and forward, then his/her tuition will be pro-rated on a weekly rate from the week he/she signs-up to the end of the year as follows:

  • Little Victory: €10 per week
  • Junior Victory – 1 day option: €10 per week
  • Junior Victory – 2 day option: €10 per week
  • Junior Victory – 3 day option: €15 per week
  • Victory Academy: €15 per week

Important Note: Victory Football works alongside the normal annual school year within Cyprus, During most National and Bank Holidays there will be no Training Sessions. There are no discounts or reduced fees during any official extended holidays and when Victory is closed.

The cost is based on an annual cycle which takes the holidays into consideration. Please see Victory F.C.’s 2017-2018 annual schedule for details when the programmes are in session or closed for holiday periods.

Uniform & Equipment Fees

All children are expected to wear to their Victory shirts, shorts, and socks to all training sessions and games, not their own personal clothing. There is a uniform fee based on a “per-item-purchase” basis. The uniform minimum requirements are as follows:

  • Victory Academy Match Uniform Package: €50 Total …. (jersey, shorts, socks, equipment bag)
  • Victory Tracksuit: €60 (Optional for U-7 & U-8 Academy Teams & for all Jr. Victory and Little Victory players)
  • Academy & Jr. Victory Training Package: €30 total ….. The breakdown is as follows:
    • Blue Training Shorts: €8(2 or 3 recommended, but one required)
    • Victory White training T-Shirt (White): €7(2 or 3 recommended, but one required)
    • Victory League T-Shirt (Colored): €8
    • Training Socks:€7 (2 or 3 recommended, but one required)
  • Little Victory Equipment Package: €22 (Includes shorts, t-shirt, and socks)

Payment Expectations

All parents are responsible to pay all of the above fees for their child(ren) to participate in the program. If payments are not made on time, a late fee of €5 per week will be assessed after a one week grace period. After one month of non-payment, children will not be able to participate until the child’s balance is paid.

Payment Date & Method – Cash and Electronic Payments

  • Payments can be made either by cash, Bank of Cyprus QuickPay, or by electronic bank transfer
  • All electronic transfers can be made to the following account at the Bank of Cyprus (Note: Our name for legal and bank purposes is “Faltod Ltd”):  

Account #: 055602000574
IBAN: CY72002005560200057400


In general there are no discounts for any program in Victory Football in order to ensure that the business is able to function in a financially solvent way long-term. We have sought to keep our fees below the market rate for football academies in Limassol. As a result, we are forced to not offer any special discounts like other clubs.

There is NO DISCOUNT in the following circumstances…….

  1. If training and games are cut short on a given month due to holidays, weather, sickness, illness, etc.
  2. For coming fewer days than the program for which he/she signed up. For example, if a child in Junior Victory signed up for two day per week program but only attends one day per week, then the family is still responsible to pay the entire fee of €380 for the year/€38 per month.)
  3. Absence due to extended holiday: If a player goes away on holiday for an extended period of time beyond the normal time that Victory is off, such as for mid-term, Christmas, and Eastern, then his/her fees are still due for the year just like in an academic school. A family can either pay the normal fee or withdraw their child and then repay the annual registration fee upon his/her return to the football program.  
  4. For other miscellaneous circumstances for which Victory Football does not have control.

Mid-Year Withdrawal From Program

  • If a child stops coming to Victory Football but does not communicate with Victory staff about his/her withdrawal from the program, membership fees and late fees will continue to be assessed until communication is made in writing or in person. These must be paid before the child can re-enter the program at a later date.
  • If a parent decides to withdraw his/her daughter from the program for whatever reason in the middle of the year, then he/she must put into writing (email preferred) that they are withdrawing from the program and communicate with the Victory FC Director.
  • If a child happens to withdraw from the program for a “season” (approximately 1-3 months) for a reason outside of an extended sickness or injury and then rejoins at a later date, then he/she will be assessed a re-registration fee of €20. Victory Football strongly encourages families not to withdraw their children for a “season” and then rejoin at a later date as this sets the child’s development in the sport behind the rest of the children and makes it very difficult for Victory Football to run a financially solvent business.

Payment During Extended Sickness or Injury?

In the event of a child needing to withdraw for an extended period of time (for a month or more) due to an injury or sickness, then the child may temporarily withdraw from the program and then rejoin at a later date without any extra costs for the time he/she was away. In this situation, children will be charged on a pro-rated basis for the weeks they are in the program. However, it is essential that a player’s parents speak with the Victory FC Director in order to work out the details of their child’s extended absence.


  • One of our top values in Victory Football is that our program is available for all children regardless of background or economic situation. Therefore, the “YOUNG CHAMPIONS” SCHOLARSHIP FUND has been established.
  • In order for Victory Football to function in a healthy financial way and to provide on-going football opportunities for all of the children, Victory Football is only able to provide funds that are raised separately from the normal operating budget.
  • Scholarships from the “YOUNG CHAMPIONS” SCHOLARSHIP FUND are awarded on a needs-basis for families that truly cannot afford monthly fees but still want to participate in the program. Please speak to a Victory Football representative to obtain a required scholarship application.
  • All children receiving a scholarship are expected to minimally pay their €20 registration fee, uniform fee, and the agreed upon amount of membership fee payment after the scholarship has been awarded. We work off of the philosophy that people value more what they pay for. Therefore, every family will minimally contribute some money towards their child’s football fees according to what they can afford.
  • Victory Football is always looking for new companies and individuals or who are looking to donate to our “YOUNG CHAMPIONS” SCHOLARSHIP FUND. If you or your company would like to donate to help us provide a scholarship for under-priveleged children, please speak to the Fabrizio Troisi, the Victory Football Director: +357 9511 0473,


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Victory Football…

Contact: Fabrizio Troisi
Mobile: +357 9511 0473



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